About GM




GM is passionate about designing, building and selling the world’s best vehicles to consistently create an exceptional life-long customer experience.


  • We Create a lifelong customer
  • We are devoted to safety & quality
  • We have a variety of cars to fill every customer’s needs. From Electric mini cars for efficiency to large trucks for heavy duty, hauling needs to family vehicle vans for moms to carpool kids to softball games.
  • We create The Best Driving experiences for our customers,
  • We care about safety, entertainment and comfort.
  • Our innovative designs include the top safety features like Onstar to saves lives. Onstar is invaluable in emergency situations. Onstar is available 24/7 and saved hundreds of lives during hurricanes by putting crisis alert into action.
  • We Make a Positive Difference
  • We Care About the Environment
  • We don’t just meet environmental guidelines to build GM cars. We care about our planet and want to create a safer world for our children and their future.
  • Over the past 10 years GM has donated more than $315 million to send students to college, keep teen drivers safe, educate parents on child safety, promote diversity and donate to non-profit organizations. For over ten years the foundation, fully-Funded an endowment of more than
  • $31 million to Employees.
  • Employees
  • We treat employees like family. We value diversity.  We have 212,000+ employees in 396 facilities in 6 continents that speak more than 50 different languages.  GM also has 21,000 dealers who are an integral part of our team and our success.


  • Investors – since 2010 when GM became a public company we deliver long term value so shareholders can feel confident about their decision to invest in our business.  We develop the world’s best vehicles providing a strong financial foundation to deliver positive results.