8 Marketing Rules to Grow Your Business


1. Let No Lead Get Left Behind

A customer is hottest to buy when they first show interest.   The longer you let a lead grow cold, the less likely they are to buy from you.

Do you follow up on hot leads right away?

When a new person signs up for your newsletter or offer you need to contact them right away. Email Automation is a great tool for this. Have them immediately segmented or tagged and entered into a carefully designed campaign.   Wow them with your offer.

Think of them as a new friend. Make them feel special. Introduce yourself and your business.

Match your level of excitement to your golden retriever, Buddy who greets you at the door. Maybe don’t slobber all over them, but virtually jump up and down to show how grateful you are to see them.

Follow up. 75 % of opportunities are missed by not following up.

Make your website inviting

Is your website cluttered?  Do you direct your visitors to social media or other pages on your site?  Do you show your visitors how and where to get started navigating your website?

You need to guide them directly what to do. Make sure you have a great User Experience on your page.

Don’t have 5 calls to action so visitors don’t know which one to choose?

4- Don’t give customers too many choices

Making decisions is tough. It’s taxing to your brain and to your time.

Do you know Steve Jobs wore the same black turtleneck and jeans outfit for work so he didn’t have to waste his brainpower deciding what to wear each day?

The more choices people have, the more confused they get If customers are given too many choices they will make none.


5- Be Confident in Your Pricing

Why do you think people choose one expert over another?

It’s not because they have the lowest prices or the highest Prices?

It’s because they were confident in their pricing.

If you are not confident talking about your prices then the customer won’t feel confident paying your price.


6- Test – test and test some more

A/B Testing

Will a blue or green button get the sale? That’s where A/B testing comes in.

Would your customers react better to a white board animation or a live video?

You don’t need to spend a lot just see which ads get a better response.

7- Send out Surveys

What’s the best product to sell?

The ones your customers want to buy. The one that’s in demand. Not sure what they want? Just ask? Send a quick email. Offer a coupon to customers if they fill out the survey. Google Forms is a great free resource.

Ask questions

8- Ask for Referrals

Want more customers? Ask for referrals from your current customers.

Other ways to obtain new customers?

Affiliate advertising.

Pay affiliates to refer you to new people.  Once they sign up or pay for your service you can give your affiliate a percentage or a fixed amount.