Is Your Door Open to New Customers?

Yesterday, I spent my day in New York city. The city is like a giant vending machine, where you can choose to buy a hot dog, a Louis Vuitton bag or a horse and buggy ride through Central park all within one block.

So many places to shop, eat, enjoy, walk and gaze. The streets are restaurant, store, store, restaurant, store, store. How do you choose where to spend your hard-earned dollars, quench your thirst, or satiate your hungy taste buds?

NY Pizza

NY Pizza is the yummiest food you can eat

Luscious, tempting Smells spill out of restaurants with open doors from deli pastrami to sweet and sour chicken. Restaurant owners know that delightful scents will attract hundreds of people walking by to their fresh chocolate chip cookies or sizzling fajitas.

How do you attract customers? Is your door open and inviting to differentiate you from the thousands of other similar websites on the net? Why would a potential customer choose your business over your competitors that turn up in google search results?