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I know you want to grow your business.  You have a product, a webpage,  Facebook friends,  Twitter followers, an Instagram account and use a hashtag or two.  You thought by now you’d have people rushing to your webpage and you would be on your way to Internet Gold.  Right?  Well that’s what you heard.  If only it were that easy.


You have come to the right place.  Let’s get your products sold.  Raise your google rank, increase your SEO, place some Facebook ads and start making some real money.  ROI is the name of the game.  Do you know the Lifetime value of your customer?


  • Let’s start with a conversation.
  • We will talk about your business needs, your goals and develop a Marketing Plan.
Brett Prescott

Facebook – Global Marketing Solutions  – 

“Lori is a very eloquent writer who has a profound ability to get key messaging points across in a persuasive manner. She is organized, timely, well spoken & an asset to the organizations she has worked with. I highly recommend Lori for a consulting or full time opportunity.”

Richard Rothbard – An American Craftsman

“One hour with Lori Peters was invaluable to me.  She was insightful and understood my business goals.  She explained how to engage my customers on Twitter and grow my clientele.”

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How We Will Help Your Business 

We will reach your targeted demographic and create engaging content and marketing campaigns to increase conversions and raise google rankings and ROI, while increasing your brand awareness. We are a Digital Agency Providing:

  • Digital Copywriting
  • Google and Youtube Advertising
  • Web Analysis, Content Strategy
  • SEO – Add links, tags, URLs – Optimize your website
  •  Social media and community management and can set up your accounts and promote your business
  • Live tweet during a TV Show, Conference or Event
  • Tweet Chats with hashtags to promote a product, a group and give out prizes
  • Facebook contests and advertising
  • Influencer outreach to gain publicity for your brand
  • Write Press Releases

Contact: lori@nybrandstrategist.com